Tuesday, August 23, 2016

KL guided walks.

If you think you know KL very well, show me the first ever built resident in the city. If you want to know more about the city, why don't you join the free guided tours by the Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau. They are for the locals as well as the tourists. 4 free guided walks were introduced to me last Saturday during their Press conference.

1. The Guided Heritage Trail Walk. 2. Old KL and nature guided Walk. 3. Kampong Bharu culture walk. 4. Heritage guided night walk. The guides are all licensed and professional, some are my friends. The Tripadvisor rated them as 5 stars. Only the night walk is conducted every Saturday, starting from 7pm. All tours are free of charge.

For more info and booking - email enquiries@kltourismbureau.com.my or tel 0326980332.

The night tour started from Arch Cafe, Market Square.

In my opinion, the tours are all remarkably planned and all about the combination between trivia and history. Very insightful if you want to know more of the city.