Sunday, April 3, 2011

Glamour portraiture and modelling - my point of view.

Glamour world is actually created by commercialization of the fashion and cosmetics industry. All about selling and marketing fashion, cosmetics even other goods. It’s cruel to the people in the inside but beautiful to the people viewing. Shedding bucket of tears is normal. Only the strong inside can survive. Even as a photographer like me can be cruel as we do select who will be captured through our lenses if the photography is defined as 'glamour'. Yeah I did let a lot of people down, worse when I didn’t upload their pictures anywhere. Sometimes I do sacrifice friendship when comes to glamour portraiture.

The truth is - when all the expensive equipments are ready, you need a good wardrobe, make up artist (esp. for ladies)...and you need some decently 'good-looking' subject who is knowledgeable in posing (posing implies your personality). All this is knowledge you can gain form time to time, but genuine good look is a gift from God although with modern technology you can alter to a certain degree through cosmetics and plastics surgery. Charisma is another chapter; Carmen Dell Orfice is 79 yet recognized as a true beauty. Lastly, you need a photographer who understands camera exposure and human posture. A good graphic artist is a bonus post photographing. Voila....u got a decent glamour digital portrait. Its pure hard work I tell you and couldn’t just be made by pure chance, it involves lots of money too.

Some people have narrow mindset that post editing of digital portraiture is all it takes to make a portrait beautiful. This is wrong ...same goes with the thinking of 'good photography is the sole cause of beautiful image'. An image can be beautiful if nicely coordinated harmoniously ...the model, makeup artist, lighting set up and photographic skill and equipment. A photographer is not a plastic surgeon....though a slight change to the originality of the person can be allowed ....major overhaul is often disastrous. If an edit is all you need, every makcik and Kak Bedah will be in Vogue Paris.

A not so good-looking 'model' will possibly get a good portrait but hardly glamour portraiture. This is all determine by the viewer not us or our sympathetic friends. Though a god sent talent is the best, confidence, intellectual, good knowledge does help in elevation your image to a certain extent.

So...does suffering to be glamour like excessive dieting, spending for skin care, and clothing worth it? Only you have the answer

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